Soup Cook-Off/Servant Auction

What:  Soup Cook-off/Servant Auction

Date: May 11th

Time: 11am-1pm

Fourteen High School students and leaders will travel to Haiti this summer through our partnership with Haiti Foundation of Hope to serve the broken and needy in Terre Blanche, Haiti.  Each person needs to raise $1800 to be able to go on this trip. Support letters are under way and we’re already seeing God answer prayers as goals are being met.

To help with this cost of this trip we will host two fundraisers with the goal of raising a total of $8,000.  This is a lofty but attainable goal.

Frist Fundraiser: May 11th (Soup Cook-off/Servant Auction)

Second Fundraiser: June 15th (Silent Auction Dinner)


On May 11th we will host a 2-part fundraiser.

Part 1: Soup Cook-off

Do you love to cook?   Our first part of this fundraiser is a soup cook-off in which each participant will prepare a soup at home and bring it to Mosaic to place in the contest.  There will be an entry fee of $20 for each soup entered into the contest.  Individuals or groups of people may enter a single soup, or multiple soups.  We are looking for 30 entries. We will give away prizes for the winners that are valued at $50 or more.

Families who attend this event will NOT be charged a cover charge, but will be encouraged to purchase raffle tickets, walk around while sampling soups, and vote on their favorite soups with their raffle tickets.  Anyone may place as many raffle tickets as they want on one soup.

“Soup” is a loose term and will have a lot of room for interpretation.  Be creative.

Servant Auction.  During the soup contest, we will simultaneously host our second part of this fundraiser: a servant auction. Each person going to Haiti will offer his/her services to the highest bidder.  By entering this auction, students will promise up to 1 full day of work, with a max. 8 hours of manual labor.  These students and leaders will make their skills known throughout the night.

Flow of the Night.  For those not participating in the soup contest, here’s how the night will look:

The first hour: purchase raffle tickets for voting, walk around sampling soups, voting on soups and placing raffle tickets on raffle items, bidding on students in the servant auction.

The second part: Haiti presentation (who we are, where we are going, and what we will be doing there)

The last half hour: grab a bowl of your favorite soup of the evening and enjoy it with one another.

What am I asking for today?

  • Will you consider entering a soup into our cook-off?
  • Will you attend this event to support Mosaic Youth?
  • Will you consider adopting a “servant” for a day to help with our fundraiser?

Please email Jordan for the next steps in entering the contest.


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