30 Hour Famine Details

Hey 30 Hour Famineers:

I am really stoked on our 30 Hour Famine this year.  It is going to be so good.  It will have enough flavor of last year to be familiar but also some new things will be happening to keep it fresh.  The main point of 30 Hour Famine is to raise funds and gather together as a team while we learn about hunger globally and locally…and make a difference.

If you signed up to be a part of our Famine team here are a few things you need to know:

Lunch at school on Friday will be your last meal for 30 Hours.


  • Show up at Mosaic’s lower level Friday, April 26th @ 5pm an plan on hanging out till 8pm on Saturday night.
  • Bring personal items like a sleeping bag, pillow, clothes to change into, tooth brush, etc.
  • Bring your bible
  • PARENTS:  You are invited to join us for dinner as we break our fast together at 5:30pm on Saturday night @ Mosaic.
  • Fill out the “Parent Consent Form.”  If you didn’t pick one up you can print it off on 30 Hour Famine’s Website or sign it when you’re dropped off.


Let me know if you have any questions.


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