Grab some SOUP with us this Saturday

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This Saturday, May 11th, from 11am-1pm, after your kid’s morning sports activities or before your afternoon yard work, come let us provide lunch for you.  During our soup contest we will have more soup than you can eat and we need you to come help us determine which soup is the tastiest.

This is a fundraiser that will serve you!

All we are asking is that you purchase a few tickets at the door to help vote for the winning soup.   We’ll have cups in front of each soup that you will place all or some of your tickets on your favorite soups.  Once you come in to where the soups are you will have free access to sample all the soups that look good to you.

We will be selling tickets for $.50 a ticket or 15 tickets for $5.

The first hour or so will be the time where you can sample and vote for all the soups your heart desires.  If you can’t come till a little after 11am, no worries.  At 12:15pm we will declare our top three winners based on tickets and we’ll pass out prizes.  After prized are given away you may grab a bowl of your favorite soup and sit at a table and enjoy it.  We will conclude our time together a little before 1pm.


Student Auction…service projects:

Spring is in full force and summer is quickly approaching.  You know that you have a ton of yard work, home projects, and much needed spring-cleaning that you need done.  Few of us actually enjoy doing these projects…so hire a student to do it for you.  If these ideas don’t apply to you then you should go in with a few friends to hire a student to watch all your kids while you all go on an extended day out on the town…kid-less.

While you are voting on soups, at 11:30am, our students will be available for you to place a bid to hire.

What are our student committing to?

In our student auction our students are committing to 1 day of hard labor for up to 8 hours of work.


See you Saturday.


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