Mosaic Youth Upperclassman Plan for 2013-14

Dear Upperclassman Gathering Students and Leadership,


Since January I have been praying and dreaming about how to better pastor the students of Upperclassman Gathering.  Ted (this past year) and Mulkin (in the years past) have done an amazing job of leading this gathering.  They both blew away my expectations.  The reason we give these high capacity leaders these leadership opportunities is to better prepare them for where God will lead them in the future.  It’s our joy to be able to send them out.  The problem with this is that you, the students, have a new leader every year.  This is why I believe it is important for me to be more present at UG.  Brian Foth will be the leader this next year and I will be assisting him in his leadership.  It’s my hope that this change will help you feel more grounded as a gathering as we continue to develop leaders.

To make this happen we will have a few major changes to UG.  For the past two years we have been meeting on Monday nights.  It is not feasible for me to be gone from my family consistently 3 nights a week (Sunday night, Monday night, and Wednesday night) so I have been talking with a few leaders about what might be best for the long term vision for the UG.

First Change:

We will be moving UG to Wednesday nights at Mosaic.  The first 30 minutes of youth group we will be all together and then the UG students will head upstairs to the comfortable “Welcome Room” for your bible study for the remainder of the last hour.

Second Change:

Student leadership will be changed.  Instead of having students be huddle group leaders we will ask them run the media, the welcome table/Haiti project, lead worship, lead the game, and give a few of you teaching opportunities.  Also we are trying to provide some leadership training seminars for this team as well.   The more students we have involved, the more flexibility we have during sport seasons.

Note:  Emerge students will be headed into their huddle groups 40 minutes into the gathering.

Cons:  Change of weeknight, being with the younger students for part of the night, student leadership will change.

Pros: Same night of the week as younger siblings, leadership opportunities expand because it’s not another night of the week, younger students get to see older students, older students still get the majority of the night with their peers, easier to multiply the UG group when it’s needed, easier to move the entire ministry forward together.


Wednesday Night Projected Schedule:

7pm:               Opening video

7:02pm:         Game

7:12pm:         Announcements

7:17pm:         Worship

7:30pm          (release UG to huddle group)

Emerge “set-up huddle groups” teaching

7:40pm          release Emerge students to huddle groups

8:30pm          GO HOME!



Student Leadership Opportunities

  • Welcome/Haiti Project         (4 students)
  • Worship                                 (3 students)
  • Game                                      (3 students)
  • Tech                                        (3 students)
  • Teaching                                (2 students)


**be praying where you want to serve this next year.







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