New City Catechisms

If you have read about our growth chart for students who walk through our ministry then you have discovered that memorizing the New City Catechisms are a part of our new vision for our 8th and 9th grade students.  In brief, these catechisms will help your student ingrain in their mind biblical answers to apologetic questions about God.  Our world is hostile towards God and your student is faced with a number of questions about God, which we seem to have no answers to.  These are foundational questions.  It is my belief that understanding God is this way, having answers to these questions could lead us to a wider understanding of God and deepen our faith in him.

What I love most about this is that an amazing app for the iPad and a mirrored website dedicated to helping you memorize these questions are provided to help us in this.

If you’ve never heard of Catechisms I would strongly encourage you to check out this website and read the “Introduction” page that talks about them.  Then take a moment and browse through all the questions and see what we will be memorizing this year.  It’s a lot but it’s RELLY good and TOTALLY worth it.

There are two versions of the answers…an easier version and a harder version.  To have a higher rate of success we are aiming for memorizing the easier version.


Our 8th and 9th grade students will be launching into this on October 2nd.  Throughout this school year we hope that both grades will memorize the first 26 questions.

Next year, our current 8th graders (in their 9th grade year) will memorize the second 26 questions, which will complete the Catechism.


I encourage families to take on this task together.  I will be doing this with my kids.  Starting October 2nd you and your child can take a week to memorize the first question.  Some questions will be easy, others hard.  Don’t move ahead.  Stay with us.

We will not be offering monetary incentives during this journey because we hope that students will want to do this for their own gain.  Also, we want to avoid shaming those who did not memorize.

It is my prayer the our students knowledge of God and their confidence in the cross of Jesus will grow as we journey through this together.


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