What does it look like for a student to walk through Mosaic Youth?

Mosaic Youth has a vision of what it looks like to walk with your student once they enter into our ministry in 6th grade till they graduate highs school.  Our vision centers on discipleship.  Our hope is that while they are in Mosaic Youth, our ministry will seek to partner with parents as students begin the process of owning their own faith.  To ensure positive steps in this process our ministry has incorporated a generic growth chart (a rubrics) in which we hope to see students grow from year to year as disciples of Christ.  When organizing this growth chart we asked ourselves what does a disciple of Jesus look like and then we came up with this plan to purposefully lead students to know Jesus and live for Him in obedience.

We know that students will enter into our ministry at various stages of their lives.  This is a generic growth chart to ensure that leaders are leading intentionally and to remind us that discipleship is our focus.  With that said we are training our leaders how to lead through this growth chart without isolating students.

The patter you will see in the chart below is that we have a single focus for our new 6th grade students as they enter in.  We add an additional discipleship tool each year as we walk with your student.

Growth Chart:

6th Grade:

Focus: Walk with your student as they establish community in Mosaic Youth as we walk through scripture together on a weekly basis.

7th Grade:

Focus:  In addition to the focus in 6th grade we will lead students to begin a weekly bible reading program that relates to our weekly study.

8th Grade:

Focus:  In addition to the focus in 7th grade we will lead students to memorize the first half of the New City Catechisms.  These are apologetic questions and answers that will help our student know God.

9th Grade:

Focus: In addition to the focus in 8th grade (with the emphasis on the second half of New City Catechisms in 9th grade) we will walk with students as they plan and lead out 30 Hour Famine event.  This event, beyond all the planning, is 8 weeks of up front leadership with a weekend retreat as it’s grand finale.

10th – 12th Grade:

HOPE:  In the process of discipleship and maturity we have spent 4 years leading your student to know Jesus.  In 10th – 12th grade we will continue purposefully incorporating and providing weekly bible readings and adult Catechisms to memorize, we also pray that your student, through the habits developed through the years, will continue this on their own…in the ownership of their own faith.

Focus:  It is the focus of Mosaic Youth to use students from the Upperclassman Huddle to serve in student leadership.  As we mature in our faith God calls us to use our gifts for His glory to build up His church.  Mosaic Youth has purposefully designed student leadership to be our final building block.  On top of student leadership, this group will establish high school community through bible study and events geared towards them.


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