Parents Newsletter

Mosaic Youth is providing a weekly newsletter for you to know what’s coming up and also what we’re learning on Wednesday night.  You can see current and past newsletters in our archive on our blog.

This past week I had one parent genuinely ask me what my hope is for parents in receiving this newsletter.  It was a great questions.  Three things:

First, be in the know.  See what events are coming up.

Secondbe our champion. Champion our ministry to your student.  Each week we will celebrate something or announce something.  Celebrate these things with your student.

Third, be involved.  Each week we will let you know which Catechism our 8th and up students are memorizing.  Encourage your student to memorize these questions about God.  Also, we will give a quick summary of what we taught last week with a parents page on the back.  The parents page is designed to help you engage your student on what they are learning.  You can use it as a worksheet with your student(s) or as a guideline to guide conversations.

Excite to partner with you.



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