High School Mission Trip INFO

(this was the email I sent to the High School Mission team May 6, 2014)

Hey Everyone,

You are receiving this email because you have filled out an application for our High School Mission Trip. This summer we will be going through a trusted organization called Youth Dynamics (YD). We will spend three days camping and going white water rafting, rock climbing, and headed to a ropes course. After these days of learning to trust one another we will spend another 3-4 days working with Bridgetown Ministries (still through Youth Dynamics) and gaining a deeper perspective of the needs in our own back yard.

This trip is intentional in our mission plan. We want all our students to know that there are great needs across the world in places like Nicaragua and Haiti. We also we want to lead our students in knowing that there are great needs in our own back yard. This year is our attempt at growing deeper in trust as a team and gaining a different perspective in missions.

DUE: I need to know by Saturday, May 10th if you are committing to this trip. Please email me back to confirm this either way.


  • When you commit to this team you will be committing to a non-refundable $100 deposit will be Due Sunday, May 18th.
  • A fundraiser will be planned for mid-June, which will offset the cost of the next deposit of $250. This deposit will be due Sunday, June 22nd.
  • Again, depending on the earlier fundraiser, the last deposit of $150 will be due Sunday, July 20th.
  • TRIP: July 28 – August 2nd


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