About Us

Mosaic Youth exists to walk with students as we discover Jesus, connect in community, and experience Jesus’ call to serve.

 About Mosaic Youth

Weekly Gathering

Mosaic Youth gathers every Wednesday night from 7-8:30pm in the lower level of Mosaic.  For the first half an hour we meet together as a large group and then we break up into grade/gender huddle groups.  We have groups for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th grades as well as a larger group for 10th-12th graders.  God has blessed us with stellar leaders who are passionate about walking with students as they discover Jesus, connect in community, and serve Jesus together.


Mosaic Youth is as only as strong as the relationship between student and parents.  It is one of our goals to establish a partnership between this ministry and parents.  To do this we aim to have two parent meetings every year that help parents gain a general understanding of our ministry, we both can learn how to walk with your student, and discuss what it means to parent with the gospel in mind.  Also, it is our goal to provide a parenting seminar (either through Mosaic Youth or through a trusted resource) to walk with parents through tough issues.  Please see our Parent Page for more information.


Mosaic Youth does 5 big events during the school year.  Also we have events, service projects and mission trips during the summer.  Please see our Mosaic Youth Events Page for further details about the events for 2013-2014.

Student Leadership

Our aim in youth ministry is to walk with your student and encourage them to begin owning their own faith in Jesus as they mature into an adult.  To ensure that we are on the right journey we have established a general growth chart in which we hope to see your student grow in the years that they are a part of Mosaic Youth.  This growth chart includes walking with your students as they find a home in Mosaic Youth, begin interacting with God’s word regularly, we encourage them to begin the process of knowing God deeply, and also stepping up into leadership as they mature. We encourage our 10th -12th grade students to engage in student leadership to gain tools that will not only help them in their relationship with Jesus but also in life.