Partnering with Parents:

Mosaic Youth has always used the language of partnering with parents with the intent that we see ourselves as an extension of your relationship with your student.  We intentionally build our ministry under the DNA of Mosaic to help parents connect everything we do with a broader vision of the church.    Unfortunately we realize that not every student in our ministry has parents that love Jesus and for that I am very thankful for the grace of God in our student’s lives as they grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Nonetheless, it is our goal as a ministry to give parents tools to use to either begin or continue Jesus conversations at home.  To do this Mosaic Youth will provide weekly “Family Guides” that help parents engage their student in what they are learning on Wednesday Nights.  These “Family Guides” can be found on our blog (we will be emailing them out as well).  Secondly we will provide 2 parent meetings throughout the year that will center on three things; how to parent with the gospel in mind, our event calendar, and a heads up with what’s on the horizon.

Parent Meeting Dates:

October 19th from 9-11am @ Mosaic Lower Level

May 3rd from 9-11am @ Mosaic Lower Level

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