Friday…finally in Puerto Cabezas.

Today we woke up in Managua, Nicaragua with Puerto Cabezas on our hearts.  After an early breakfast we caught a jumper flight and headed across the country to Port.  After a bumpy ride we landed in Puerto Cabezas…uber excited to see the kids that live on the campus.  We ate lunch, got a tour, and then ended up in the orphanage, playing with the kids for about 2 hours.  It was overwhelming…in a good way.  In our debrief tonight I loved hearing what all our students had to say about their experience today.  It ranged from:  “I was shocked to see how happy the kids are when they have so little,”  “The kids were so affectionate,” “they are just so beautiful.”

It got brought up tonight that our biggest prayer request is the language barrier.  We knew this was going to be an issue but we learned today that the kids work hard at wanting to understand us.  Pray that we find different ways to communicate with them.  Tomorrow we go to the beach with all of them and it will give us another opportunity to build relationships with them.

Tomorrow morning there is a mens prayer group meeting at 5:30am…that’s coming early so I need to hit the hay.

The internet is slow here so putting pictures up is sketch…I’ll see if we can put some up later.

Beuenos Noches everyone.



4 thoughts on “Friday…finally in Puerto Cabezas.

  1. Still praying even though internet must be slow there!
    Praying the painting goes well and that ministry to the kids and community is blessed even with a communication barrier.
    God bless you today!

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